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We believe people are our most important asset. This includes our customers, our suppliers, our employees and our stockholders. Integrity and Honesty must be reflected in all our dealings with these people. All promises, products and services must reflect our commitment to Quality. Quality is the result of total employee commitment to exceeding our customer' expectations, and must be the driving force behind all of our operating procedures. Our valued Customers are the reason we are in business. Our commitments to Quality and Excellence will assure our success.

Custom Machine & Tool recognized years ago that inspecting parts after production was only a "band-aid" solution, disguising the problem of inadequate quality control during manufacturing. If work pieces could be monitored for compliance with specifications during processing, rather than after, the quality would be "machined in". This concept is now widely embraced by the industry.

To integrate the functions of SPC, quality assurance and quality documentation, we sought a system that could grow with us for many years to come. We decided on Allen-Bradley's Datamyte system, the undisputed industry leader.

Each of our production machines is equipped with a dedicated, networked PC running the Allen-Bradley software. Machine operators input every facet of inspection data directly into their PC. This data is available not only to the operator, but is simultaneously sent to our central quality analysis PC in the Quality Assurance Laboratory. From there, the data is monitored during the process and is later compiled for a report issued to the customer at the job's completion. Every job for every customer has an inspection history, not just a final report, available for shipping with the work pieces.

  Custom Machine and Tool machines unique precision parts for a diverse range of industries. Please use the form below to tell us about your particular needs.

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